My friend John met a women in line at Starbucks. We’re going to call her ‘The Phoenix’, because during the session she rose from the ashes.

When I answered the door, it was like she wasn’t even there. I thought where is the woman inside of this beautiful body? I had her stand in the mirror to see what in the world was going on. When she stood I noticed her feet were parallel, and her left foot was rolled out without even the big toe or inside of the foot touching the ground. She explained how she had sprained her ankle recently and how this was one of many injuries from sprains to broken bones she had over the last 20+ years.

When a person is standing parallel they’re standing in the outside of their body. It’s literally bracing. When people brace it means they’re holding on for dear life, afraid that something terrible may happen. It tightens the muscles and pushes the joints to extremes even wearing down cartilage. It also throws the body out of balance as most clearly evident here. She had been using the exterior of her body and predominately the left side for so long that she was extremely off balance.

When I had her walk backward and forward I could feel the constant state of anxiety. She was moving as if she were made of tin, stiff and brittle. I asked her to walk back and forth allowing her body and arms to swing freely, like a Tango dancer’s beautiful and fluid baleo.

By the end of the session she was bright, powerful, beautiful and strong. She’s going to be looking into Argentine Tango lessons in the near future. Tango is known as ‘The Walk’ of passion!