Sharna Fabiano’s Testimonial

Faith is a modern day miracle worker. She has a spectacular ability to guide the body into physical, emotional, and spiritual restoration drawing on a unique synthesis of therapies. When I met Faith, I was looking for professional training that would truly make a difference for my dancing. Alternative techniques from other artists had broadened my perspective for teaching, but did not actually raise my own level of excellence in performance.

Sharna Fabiano, Argentine Tango Instructor

Over a period of about a year, Faith taught me a series of subtle adjustments in the manner I hold my body all the time, including while dancing. In our sessions, my knees gradually came into straight lines over my ankles, my diaphragm toned inward, and my shoulders rested forward. Previously, I had assumed these mis-alignments to be “just the way my body is,” rather than the result of life experience, and of thinking and feeling a certain way. In the process of realignment, not only did my dancing become more fluid and powerful, but I also began to feel happier, more creative, and more connected with others.

This integrative process of aligning body, mind, and spirit is perhaps the most astonishing aspect of Faith’s work, and something I have encountered very rarely. She immediately sees the inter-relatedness of physical ailment and emotional patterning, and cheerfully goes about re-educating both simultaneously. Faith’s multi-level vision of the body is no doubt the explanation for both the rapid changes and lasting results that are reported by her clients, even those considering surgery, or who have suffered chronic pain for many years. I have since sent dozens of my own tango students to Faith for realignment work and have integrated much of what I have learned from her into my own teaching.

~ Sharna Fabiano
Professional Dancer, Instructor of Argentine Tango

Ginny Lenaghen’s Testimonial

After the painful end of a 33-year relationship, a dear friend and colleague recommended I see Faith. That’s all it takes when you trust and love someone. Why would you ask for a referral from someone unless you trust and admire her?

Faith helped me recognize how the negative emotions and upset of a failed marriage were showing up in my body, creating pain in various joints as well as a sense of depression. Then, mirroring proper alignment through subtle shifts, she demonstrated those alignment shifts using her own body as a mirror. In this way, she communicated how I was holding myself and not only what it looks like and feels like physically, but also how it’s connected emotionally. Then, she showed me how to make subtle physical adjustments in my body that yielded significant results physically and emotionally. Faith describes the adjustments in terminology that is easy to understand, remember and use.

I’d like to share about a particular session that was an emotional turning point for me. Faith does work that is not just on the physical and emotional level; some of her most profound work is spiritual. On my birthday, I went deeper into energy medicine with Faith. She had her hands placed on my stomach. I was suddenly taken back to a decision I had made when I was 21 years old and still reeling from the end of my 1st intimate relationship. At that time, I made the decision that I couldn’t have what I wanted so I would just have to settle. I spent the next 35 years of my life doing just that. At that moment with Faith, I could feel the resignation dissolving like bubbles — each bursting inside my body — and I tingled all over. Then, I wept for joy at the realization that my preconditioned habit to settle for less than what I really wanted was gone. Since that time, I have been living my life in a space of abundance and fulfillment — I am attracting incredible opportunities like a giant magnetic force field. I will settle no longer.

The physical work we had done on my body that led to the emotional breakthrough was necessary to free up the connection between body and spirit for such a profound emotional and perceptual shift. I literally see life differently with my potential in clear focus.

~ Ginny Lenaghen

Solutions Architect Blue Cross Blue Shield & CEO Heart for Transformation

July 2019
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