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The feet are the foundation of the body. They represent how we actually move about in our lives. If someone is shifting their weight side to side and you look into their lives, they’re most likely stepping around things.

The structural body is a reflection of what’s going on emotionally and spiritually. This is something I’ve always known. I’ve always been able to understand what people are feeling through the way they hold their bodies.

When a dear friend came to see me, her toes were pulling out and her bones were aching. I mirrored her body starting with the most important part, her feet. I pulled my toes out feeling the pain and the emotional pull inward, I noticed her knees collapsing and collapsed mine, her pelvis was tight and pouring forward so, I pulled my thighs together and poured my pelvic bowl forward (I call the pelvic bowl the seat of the soul). Her diaphram and abdomen were falling out and down toward her toes. As I mirrored her body, I felt like I was oozing, melting even falling down. I then knew something was tearing her apart. She explained that she was hiding something important in her life to protect people that she loves. It was directly blocking not just her happiness, but her wholeness and her unity. There was no way she could mend her physical alignment until she resolved her emotional turmoil.

A year later not only is her physical alignment straight, but more importantly she has been able to breakthrough and resolve the conflicts that were creating her misalignments. The culmination of her courage will manifest at her wedding in the very near future. It will be a joyous day!

Structural Realignment and Body Balancing


When I was about 5 years old my knees were noticeably knocked in. From 5 to 8 they ached so badly at night I would cry and curl up with pain. My parents used hot compresses, prayer, and anything they could to make them better. They did tests for scoliosis in school and found two dramatic curvatures in my spine. They were so extreme they wanted to immediately put me in a back brace and corrective shoes. The doctors even talked about surgery later in life. My parents would have none of it! They thought why would you force an unnatural solution? Wouldn’t this make the problem worse? They looked for someone that would work with my body, not against it, and they found a Rolfer.

The premise of Rolfing is to take fascia, the connective tissue that envelopes the muscle, and lengthen it where it needs to elongate. In 10 sessions we worked from the tips of my toes, to the top of my head even the inside of my jaw (this was more intense than the teenage braces that straightened my teeth). Using long deep massage strokes, we stretched out the soft tissue surrounding the muscles that were compressed and shortened. During the course of the treatment my knees straightened and my spine found it’s natural curvature. I grew and inch and a half bringing my body into complete alignment. All of my physical problems disappeared.

By the age of 8 I learned that anything going on structurally could be improved and healed through proper manipulation, no matter what it was. Today I help people reconstruct their bodies and their lives. I know everyone has access to their own healing. I’m currently working on a book to share with people how to look inside for their own healing, rather than outside. I am blogging to develop my own ability to share these experiences with everyone.

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