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The darkness that surrounds us is like shades of grey. As children when something looks dark we back up and move away. Yet, as adults we often step in for more. My question always is, “Why?”

This leads me to a beautiful healing session with my dear friend and Acupuncturist, Anjali Hasija. Healing happens for children when they gravitate toward the light and away from the darkness. For Anjali and I healing occurs through ceremony and ritual we share from an ancient medicine path from an Indigenous Quechua Tribe in Peru. As everything in life it’s our relationships that open such extraordinary doors to know such people. A Medical Anthropologist, Philanthropist and Teacher we studied with, Alberto Villoldo, connected us with the tribe and their ancient wisdom of the Earth from Inca times.

This morning I facilitated a healing ceremony known as an Illumination with Anjali. It is exactly what it sounds like, to illuminate, is to brighten with light. We opened our session with a prayer including the Elements of the Earth and the Archetypes of the Incas. Within seconds all I could see, feel and sense were clouds of grey. Then, in swooped the image of the Eagle. In Animal Medicine/Totem – the eagle has the ability to teach us to see from above, to bear witness to that which we cannot see, when we’re in the middle of it. As a Healer and Teacher, Anjali does this for others and too, needs it done for her. We invited the Eagle to soar in with her knowledge and brush away the grey darkness with her strong, elegant feathers. The closest image is that of dust being gathered with particles flying everywhere. As we allowed Eagle to brush the particles out of Anjali’s energy body and down to Mother Earth, Gaia, rays of sunlight poured in. The light opened her heart like a funnel pouring out the poison she was holding in, holding in without awareness of it even being there. It was like watching water from a fire hydrant shoot straight up into the air, and then down, flooding the streets. The wild aspects of this image where the color of the water and the change as it hit the ground. The water started out slate gray and gradually turned blue like the color of the Caribbean Sea. And, as it hit the ground it disappeared into the earth. All that was left were the beautiful green blades of grass as if they had never been touched. We were surrounded by sunlight after the flood gates cleared.

Much like the emotional body that moves in waves and colors all we could see pouring through her body where colors of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and a soft violet white light flooded her entire being; her emotional, mental, intellectual and energetic bodies where vibrant and colorful like the most beautiful rainbow you’ve ever seen. Within seconds we could breathe again. It was as if we could exhale for the first time and the inhale in was literally a breathe of fresh air.


Natalia is a beautiful and enchanting singer who was in the States from Argentina to record an album and perform. When she arrived she lost her voice and couldn’t get rid of a terrible sore throat for weeks. She had tried everything from foods, to doctors and medicine, nothing worked.

The record label had heard there was a Medicine Woman across the street through a former manager (Who’s an incredible man). When she walked in I met an Angel with wings. I imaged being in her body becoming narrower and elongated with wings that could spread and fly. I asked her if she had any other physical ailments. She said yes, I have scoliosis (I believe that the spine is the antennae of the body). As I mirrored the twist and turn of her spine I felt the interference in my own reception as a reflection of hers.

I felt the Archetype of the Serpent. Then, almost immediately an image of a serpent entwined around a staff appeared. This mythological and now medical symbol represents nothing less, than the healing of sickness. Many things came to me as I mentally tracked throughout the history of the serpent; transformative power in spiritual development in Kabbalistic teachings, shedding the skin for rebirthing in Quechua (South American Indigenous) Medicine, our primal drive for ultimate fulfillment in the Judaic tradition, the awakening of the Kundalini (The Divine) in Hinduism.

In all this, my question for her was what do you want to take root? She already had her wings. They were apparent when she walked in. Yet, why was she so committed to her music to write a song every day, every single day since childhood. And, there was the answer on the tip of her tongue. I want to heal the world through my music. The next day her throat was healed!

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